Row of restored classic cars stored at Black Horse Garage

Classic & exotic car services beyond expectations

Black Horse Garage offers all the services essential to properly preserve your classic car. From world-class restorations and engine rebuilding to custom and high-performance modifications to storage and transportation, we provide everything your vintage or exotic vehicle needs to retain its performance and beauty, all in one convenient location. Our vast Union Avenue facility in Bridgeport, CT even has dedicated service and restoration rooms where one car at time gets unparalleled attention from our expert technicians and mechanics. We believe your exceptional vehicle deserves nothing less.

  • Collector Car Service & Maintenance
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • High-Performance & Custom Modifications
  • Collector & Exotic Car Sales
  • Restoration – Frame-off & Partial
  • Tune-ups
  • Brake Repair & Service
  • Steering & Suspension Repair
  • Electrical System Repairs
  • Carburetor Rebuilding & Balancing
  • Custom & Performance Modifications
  • Body & Metalwork
  • Fabrication
  • Bare-metal Paint Respraying
  • Upholstery
  • Sales
  • Coach Trim & Coachwork
  • Detailing & Concours Preparation
  • Woodwork
  • Storage – Long-term & Short-term
  • Transport

When your vehicle arrives at Black Horse Garage, we conduct a 100-point vehicle inspection to determine the scope of our work. Before your vehicle leaves Black Horse Garage, we perform a 50-point quality control inspection to ensure the work we’ve performed is flawless.

More on our classic & exotic car services

  • Collector Car Service & Maintenance

    Collector Car Service & Maintenance

    Serving the Special Needs of Your Special Vehicle

    Collector cars have special needs, most of which cannot be met by a local dealership or average auto repair shop. By routinely performing full engine rebuilds and restorations, we have gained significant insight into classic car systems. With Black Horse Garage taking care of your vehicle, service and maintenance are carried out right every time, no matter the level of complexity.

    Services performed include seasonal maintenance, tune-ups, oil changes, lubrication, safety check, brake work, suspension, ignition, steering, electrical system repairs, wiring, batteries, exhaust work, carburetor rebuilding and balancing, tire checks, and balancing.

    By trusting your vintage vehicle to Black Horse Garage, you will…

    • Protect your investment.
    • Avoid breakdowns.
    • Discover and eliminate potential problems.
    • Enjoy improved performance, comfort, and safety.
    • Work with professionals who care for your car as though it were their own.
    • Get unmatched value and attention.
  • Engine Rebuilding

    Engine Rebuilding

    Restoring Yesterday’s Mechanical Masterpieces for Today’s Driver

    For over 25 years, Black Horse Garage has taken great pride in our aptitude for restoring and rebuilding classic engines. Every engine rebuild project is carried out under the guidance of our founder, Frank Buonanno, an award-winning, master engine builder. Our team reconstructs each engine using only hand tools and special techniques specified by the manufacturer. In fact, we fabricate many of the tooling and parts no longer available.

    While maintaining the original appearance, we rebuild engines for optimized performance. With our expertise, your reconstructed engine will have more power and reliability than when it was originally built.

    A Black Horse Garage rebuilt engine…

    • Is tuned for the specific use it will see, i.e. daily driving, concours events, or vintage competition.
    • Has tolerances that meet or exceed factory specifications.
    • Breathes better thanks to a three-angle cut on all valves.
    • Has matched valve spring height and seat.
    • Has balanced electrical components.


  • High-Performance & Custom Modifications

    High-Performance & Custom Modifications

    Make Your Vehicle Truly Unlike Any Other on the Road

    Over the years, we’ve seen high-performance and custom modifications become increasingly popular among our clientele. And why not? Today, a car can be as unique as you want it to be.

    From subtle tweaks to head-turning makeovers, we’ve stayed on pace by offering more and more high-performance and custom modification options for collector, vintage, and exotic cars. At Black Horse Garage, we have the capability and skill to truly take your vehicle to the next level.

  • Collector & Exotic Car Sales

    Collector & Exotic Car Sales

    Bringing Together Collector Cars & the People Who Love Them

    If you’re looking to sell a collector vehicle or exotic car, let Black Horse Garage market your valuable set of wheels. With great exposure and our professional staff to represent your vehicle, Black Horse Garage can make the process of selling your collector a breeze.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking to invest in a collector car, you can trust the vehicle you buy from Black Horse Garage is in excellent condition inside and out. We would never risk our reputation by selling a less than stellar example of the vehicles we service.


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