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The Future of Collector Car Restoration Needs Your Help Today

Friends of Black Horse Garage can support the next generation of restoration mechanics through the Frank Buonanno Scholarship Fund.

As someone who knows and appreciates what my father has accomplished in his 45-year career, you can make sure that young men and women have the opportunity to learn those same skills. They can go on the enjoy a career that will elevate the car collector world. We can’t lose what my father, Frank, has built by letting this kind of craftsmanship simply disappear any more than we can deny eager students their shot at working on the best that the automotive industry can engineer. By donating to the scholarship fund in his name, you will help me honor an amazing man in a way that will make him proud. - John Buonanno

Teaching the Next Generation

The Frank Buonanno Scholarship Fund, managed by the Piston Foundation, will provide scholarships and apprenticeships to students pursuing careers in auto restoration. Your pledge will help launch a national campaign that will connect with Black Horse Garage fans and millions of car enthusiasts to raise the dollars that young men and women need to graduate as the next generation of restoration specialists.

The Threat:
There are not enough young people choosing trade skill careers in collector car restoration. Experienced mechanics are becoming an endangered species.

Our Cause:
To unite 25M+ U.S. car enthusiasts to help secure the future of collector car restoration.

The Plan:
Using an innovative social media campaign, we will fund and support the Frank Buonanno Scholarship to promote trade skill careers in auto restoration.

Our Difference:
We are redefining the charitable landscape for the automotive industry by establishing a national platform capable of raising tens of millions of dollars.

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