Our Past

Black Horse founder and master engine rebuilder, Frank Buonanno's true love has always been exotic automobiles. Having worked on cars since he was 15 when he volunteered to rebuild the engine of his father's Ferrari, Frank's determination and skill were evident from the start.

Influenced and trained by some of the best Ferrari mechanics in the world, Frank was able to hone his skills and perfect his craft.  After decades of working on Ferraris, Frank decided to explore other makes such as the Aston-Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar luxury car brands by opening his own car restoration facility in Miami, FL and eventually in Bridgeport, CT.

Frank is the recipient of countless national awards from the most elite European sports car events.

The Present

Today, every engine rebuild is carried out under Frank's watchful eye. His skills and craft are being passed on to Black Horse's head technician, Matt Carfo.  Matt leads Black Horse's team of mechanics who are dedicated to providing the highest levels of craftsmanship to every car they work on.

Black Horse Garage President and CEO, John Buonanno illustrates his passion and commitment to quality work and satisfied customers in everything he does.  He manages the staff at Black Horse and leads the mission to always exceed customer expectations.


Moving Forward

Black Horse Garage strives to carry on the heritage and tradition of classic car restoration and excel at what we do.  We want to offer every service needed to restore and maintain classic cars and build valuable, long term relationships with our clients.


Our goal is to continue to create a unique, enjoyable and interactive experience for our clients and give each project the respect and attention it deserves.


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